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Don't tell Corbin Bernsen to write if he finds work. Your mailbox would be overflowing.The busy actor has starred in prime-time series and feature films, sure. He's done guest appearances on a raft of shows from "The Waltons" to "Star Trek: The Next Generation."But he's also had stints on three soap operas, been a game-show host, even competed on a reality show ("Celebrity Mole")."Very early on I embraced the journey of discovering all of it," he says on the phone as he drives to his production company. "I'm an actor. It's like being a bricklayer. Sometimes I'm building a little wall and the next time I'm building a palace."His current role is Henry Spencer, the crabby, slightly shabby father to the title character on USA's droll "Psych," which launches its third season tonight.Think back to the character that launched Mr. Bernsen's career in 1986. "L.A. Law's" Arnie Becker was an elegant, corrupt legal lothario. Henry is light years from that, which is what attracted Mr. Bernsen to th...
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